Fishing Supported by Augmented Reality and GNSS


The FSARG system will be built of a mobile application cooperating with a server that processes data acquired via EO and Satellite Navigation. The processing module will perform operations to process the data needed to collect information about the shape of the bottom of the water reservoir. The FSARG system will receive processed data from the processing module, which will depend on the Satellite Navigation data. The application will process and provide output information to system users. In geral FSARG will require internet access, however due to possible technical difficulties related to the deployment of telephone/internet masts in the rural areas, it will be necessary to take into account the possibility to download Internet data before the planned use of the application in the field.
Thus, the EO data will be processed on the servrer without the mobile device, while the satellite navigation data will be processed and used in real time. Based on them, the mobile application will be able to:
• provide the detailed information about the depths of the fishery (using AR technology),
• indicate by using AR technology an interesting for the angler fisheries,
• transfer relevant information to other FSARG users based on a social module,
• forward any relevant messages to fisheries managers and relevant services.


Creation of a mobile application dedicated to anglers

App based on modern IT including augmented reality (AR) technology, satellite technologies, geoinformatics and communication tools

Promotion of fishing as one of the best ways for a man’s physical and mental rest

Promotion of modern satellite technologies among anglers, water reservoir managers, as well as companies and institutions involved in fishing tourism

How does it work?

The aim of the project is to meet the growing needs of anglers by proposing a mobile application dedicated to anglers, using modern IT, satellite, geoinformatic and communication tools. The designed application could become a common tool used by anglers, people involved in aspects of sport fishing, water reservoir managers, as well as companies and institutions dealing with fishing tourism. The project aims to develop the basis for building an application that uses the augmented reality (AR) technology designed for the fishing environment.

The FSARG (Fishing Supported by AR and GNSS) application would rely on the use of integrated data on the depths of fishing grounds with current information on species and quantities of fish present in a given water reservoir. Information would also be available on the fishing calendar and possible dangerous weather conditions. An additional module of the application would be a social part, thanks to which it would be possible to communicate groups of anglers in individual fisheries, exchange of information on fishing, organization of joint expeditions, contests, challenges, etc.

Technical requirements:
• the graphic interface of the application used by anglers should transparently and as little as possible burden the memory resources of the device,
• it should be determined whether the application, which anglers will use, should be dedicated to the given operating system of the device, or maybe it should be a universal application run in a web browser,
• FSARG will require Internet access, but this access does not have to be permanent,
• downloading and processing EO data will depend on the user’s location.


% of anglers would be happy to share information about their catches with friends


% of anglers would use the AR for angling


% of anglers find the GPS fishfinder useful

Project realization